Announcing The World’s First Virtual Reality Painting Exhibition

Artists showcase of work out of three dimensional brush strokes, as a new medium: VR Painting

San Francisco On June 13th, in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District, the World’s

First Virtual Reality Painting Exhibition will take place. Artists with diverse backgrounds in

various 3D and 2D mediums have come together to exhibit their creations in this first of its

kind event.

Painting is one of the most traditional artistic mediums, and the coming wave of virtual reality

allows for a true reinvention of the form. Artists have used Tilt Brush, a virtual reality painting

tool, to create three dimensional art with colors, light, motion, and sound. The result is an

immersive gallery experience that the audience can view through numerous Oculus Rift

viewing stations.

The Exhibition will be held at the Grand Theatre, headquarter of the Gray Area Foundation for

the Arts, in the heart of San Francisco Mission district.

The Event is created by Drew Skillman (Inventor/Founder of Tilt Brush), Patrick Hackett

(Inventor/Founder of Tilt Brush) and Stefano Corazza (Creative Director), and produced by

Olia Pospelova. For more information and the full list of the team involved in the exhibition

please see